Yuexin Li

I am a full-time research assistant at NUS-NCS Joint Laboratory for Cyber Security, while concurrently pursuing my M.Comp. in artifical intelligence at National University of Singapore (NUS). I am also working closely with Asst. Prof. Bryan Hooi on my master dissertation project.

Before NUS, I received my B.Eng. in computer science and technology at South China University of Technology (SCUT) in 2021, where I did research on evolutionary algorithms and urban computing under Prof. Zhi-Hui Zhan. I was fortunate to be a visiting student to University College London (UCL) in 2019 and University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) in 2020.

Email: yuexinli [AT] u [DOT] nus [DOT] edu

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My research interests mainly include graph mining and its applications in social computing and natural language processing. I am currently researching on few-shot graph representation learning, which is expected to lead to a master thesis. Besides, I am also working on phishing detection via multimodal deep learning as part of my RA job duty.

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Spatial-Temporal Graph Neural Network Framework with Multi-source Local and Global Information Fusion for Traffic Flow Forecasting
Yuexin Li, Jianyu Li, Zijia Wang, Zhihui Zhan
CCF Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CCSCW) 2021

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A generic spatial-temporal deep learning framework that mines spatial-temporal features locally and globally.

Cloudde-based Distributed Differential Evolution for Solving Dynamic Optimization Problems
Yuexin Li, Zhihui Zhan, Hu Jin, Jun Zhang
International Conference on Intelligent Control and Information Processing (ICICIP) 2019

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A message passing interface (MPI) based distributed multi-population differential evolution (DE) algorithm with adaptive migration strategy (AMS).

  • [2020/06]   Hongping Changqing Student Innovation Scholarship (RMB 2,000)
  • [2019/12]   SCUT First-class Scholarship (RMB 4,000, Top 10%)
  • [2019/11]   National 2nd Prize of Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (Top 3%).
  • [2018/12]   SCUT First-class Scholarship (RMB 4,000, Top 10%)
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